Free Pieced Word Potholders

Amy Friendfree piecing, potholder pass swap, text15 Comments

The theme for Potholder Pass 6 is monotone (click on the button on my sidebar to check it out). This round, Kimberly (aka bahamadawn on Flickr), offered to help me. She took care of assigning half the group partners. Rather than assigning eachother secret partners, we decided to swap with eachother. I checked Kimberly’s photostream and saw that she had lots of free pieced words appearing in her favorites. I happen to love them too so I went with it. She asked me to use either green, blue or red and I chose green since veggies are green. Kimberly recently became a vegan and has been enjoying trying out new recipes. The potholders can read “Cook Vegan” in sort of slogan fashion.

Or, they can red “Vegan Cook,” which she is!

These are my first attempts at free pieced lettering and I really enjoyed the process. It was liberating to not measure a thing and use scissors and no straight edge or rotary cutter.

It really tests my patience each time I send Kimberly a package because her mail takes forever to arrive. But, it’s fun to think of these arriving in the sunny Bahamas today after a long trip from snow covered New England.