Inspirational Bunting

Amy Friendbunting, etsy, pincushions, silkscreen6 Comments

I know that buntings have been the hot thing for quite some time now but this is the first one that I have made!

I make silkscreen panels that I call “quilting process panels” along with patterns to make mini quilts using the panel (like the mini you see above). Sometimes when I attempt to print a screen it gets botched. There could be too much ink, too little ink, too much pressure, too little pressure, the ink might be the wrong consistency, etc. Often only a few of the words are bad but the rest is ok. I can’t just throw away the good words so I have been holding on to them until inspiration strikes. First, I thought of a use for “BASTE.”

I made a batch of these pin cushions for all the safety pin basters out there.

Today, I decided to select some coordinating “LOVE” and “DREAM” prints and create scrappy bunting. I paper pieced each flag with an assortment of fabrics in reds, pinks, whites and turquoise.

I think it would be cute in a little girl’s room!