Butterick 3762 but this time in a size 2!

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It’s Penny’s turn to show off her Easter dress today. It is also a Butterick 3762, like her big sister’s dress and is made up in the same City Weekend fabric. This time, I opted for a different view since she isn’t old enough to insist on the fiddly ruffles. I am also fond of scallops so I used the scalloped collar from view E but otherwise, made view A.

Here’s the back. The detail that really makes this pattern for me is the the pleated waist. It’s also the trickiest part. I followed the directions while making Lily’s dress. I first sewed the side seams and the shoulder seams of the bodice and then the pleats. When I went to put in the zipper, the pleats did not line up and I had to spend some time ripping stitches and realigning them. This time, I did not sew the shoulder seams, only the side seams. Then I made the pleats while carefully measuring each step of the way to make sure that the pleats at the back on one side were the same height as they were on the other.

I am happy to report that it worked like a charm! It would have been ridiculously difficult to make the pleats on a small dress like this, with the shoulder seams sewn. It’s much easier to be able to lay the piece flat.
I am so happy to have these two dresses done! I need to make a little coat for Penny next and then I am on to a couple more pillows!