"Modern Blooms" Applique Tee Shirt

Amy Friendapplique, children's clothing, silkscreen6 Comments

I was itching to try out one of my new “Modern Blooms” appliques on a tee shirt for Lily. Her big brother couldn’t resist getting into the picture too. I was lucky to get this one shot because the others are generally blurs of them rough housing rather than modelling the tee shirt! I ironed on a 4″ applique then pinned a layer of “Tear-Easy” stabilizer on the backside of the tee shirt. Then I finished the edges of the applique with a tight zigzag stitch. It should wash very well. Lily will be back tomorrow, weather and photography session time permitting, to model her Easter dress that I will be hemming tonight.
Edited to add: I am selling the appliques already adhered to a fusible web called Lite Steam a Seam. So when I mentioned that I ironed it onto the shirt. I meant that I peeled off the backing on the fusible web and then ironed it on to the shirt.