Office Bench Pillow #1

Amy Friendhome renovation, pillow cover, silkscreen13 Comments

Here is the first of three pillows that I intend to make for our new office bench. Thank you for all of your compliments on the bench. My husband really did do a great job. It was a lot of work but I am sure we will enjoy it for years…especially once he gets to the table that he is supposed to build to put in front of it 😉

This pillow is intended to be sort of understated (that sounds better than boring or bland I think). One of the other pillows will be a simple pillow cover using a large scale fabric and the third pillow will be a bit on the busy side, using scraps from my Innocent Crush Double Hourglass quilt. I’d like them to play nicely together when they are all sitting on the bench.

I recently ordered new silkscreen inks and one of the bottles came with a broken top, leaking ink. The company was great to work with and sent another immediately. Meanwhile, I had a little ink left in the bottle that I thought I should put to use before it was no longer good due to the non airtight bottle. I printed a panel of my “Modern Blooms” design using the wine ink on natural linen for the pillow front. I hand quilted around the flowers using a mustard colored DMC embroidery floss.

The color of the embroidery floss picks up on the Innocent Crush material that I used for the backing. I matched the fabric up on the back as I was forming the envelope enclosure. I wasn’t thinking at the time that the pillow would pull it open a little and mess up my careful planning! I should have used a zipper. Alas.