A Little of This and a Little of That

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My daughter, Lily, will be attending her best friend’s birthday party in a week or so. Brooke is turning 5 and loves baby dolls. Lily thought she’d like a doll quilt. This is sweet coming from Lily who has no use for doll quilts herself. She requested a butterfly quilt. I used this tutorial for wonky 6″ butterfly blocks. Brooke is the type of girl who, at age 4, pulls her own hair into multiple pony tails all over her head. And she comes to dance class in striped tights and a purple fleece when everyone else is wearing black and pink leotards. Lily and I wanted to express her quirkiness in a quilt. We started with the multicolored polka dot fabric and then picked others that coordinated. I added button heads and embroidery floss antennae. It was a fun and quick project. This afternoon, Lily is determined to stuff the matching pillow ALL BY HERSELF.

I put together this paper pieced daffodil block for a special quilting project for a Flickr friend who is going through a difficult time. It measures 3 1/2″ wide by 6 1/2″ high. It just sings spring to me! I used this free pattern.

And finally, I have received lots of questions about the material that I used in yesterday’s post. It is made by David Textiles, Inc. and is available in the novelty quilting section of JoAnns. It is called “Chef Words” according to my receipt.