"Picnic on Central Park"

Amy Friendbasket block, quilting12 Comments

That’s to be the name of my next quilt! I have always loved traditional basket quilts. They just appeal to me. When I won a layer cake of Kate Spain’s “Central Park,” I started to flip through the fabrics to see if I got any ideas. When I saw the cobblestone print, it immediately reminded me of basket weave and I thought of basket quilt blocks.

These blocks are measuring 15″ finished. I don’t have a whole plan lined up yet but rather a general picture in my mind that I am working towards. I plan to have a few colorful baskets scattered throughout the quilt and the remainder in the neutral “stone” color. The colorful baskets will be full of fabrics from the same color family as their their baskets. The neutral baskets will contain a mixture of the fabrics. I am not sure yet how I will connect all the blocks. I will decide that when I get there!