A Library Pillow

Amy Friendfree motion quilting, pillow cover35 Comments

Who knew that people read what I write and remember it? Awhile back I said that I was going to make three pillows for the office bench that my husband built. I made this one and this one. Well, recently a previously quiet reader left a comment asking if I had made the third pillow and would I share a picture of all three. I then felt compelled to follow through! Sometimes you need that little nudge.
Since the bench is in our office/library, I thought that a book themed pillow cover would be fun. I was inspired by this bee block on Flickr.

It was a fun excuse to use a couple of selvages.

I used a book print from “The Grand Tour” collection by the Victoria and Albert Museum for the backing.

I had the most fun when it came to quilting. I freemotion quilted the word “read” over and over. I think that my freemotion cursive is neater than my handwriting. Pathetic!

I tried to take a picture of the bench but I have not yet resolved the window treatment issue so the light from the windows makes it tricky!