Busily Gardening

Amy Friendgardening12 Comments

I have been busily gardening for the past few weeks, whenever the rain would let up! This is an overview of my Williamsburg style garden (in layout only, not in plantings). I took the photo from the hayloft window in the barn. The bearded iris are beginning to bloom and the peonies have buds. The ground phlox and basket of gold have just gone by. My garden has the most color in mid summer due to my collection of various colored daylilies. I enjoy gardening as much as I enjoy sewing. Gardening is often more frustrating though because moles, deer, grubs, aphids and drought tend to leave my fabric alone but not my flowers.

My lupine are just beginning to bloom. They are a favorite of mine. And see that tree peony? My father gave it to me a few years ago and it is a slow grower but those blooms are so worth it! I am enjoying a few inside along with lily of the valley.

Orange is not one of my favorite colors but every now and then, a pop of orange is just the right thing. I love this combination of lavender and orange in my garden right now.

I love this orange fabric that I just purchased too. Perhaps it will be just the right pop of orange in some upcoming project. I just couldn’t resist the sweet design.

This is my favorite ground cover, hands down. It’s such a pretty shade of blue.

And the scent of lilacs bring me right back to my childhood.

The columbine are still going strong.

I had better get back out there and continue weeding and mulching. I just came in for a quick break.
I’ll see you tomorrow with pictures of the girls in their new dresses as long as the weather cooperates.