Invisible Zipper Hints

Amy Friendinvisible zipper, tutorial9 Comments

Zipper? What zipper? If you google “invisible zipper tutorials” there are bound to be countless hits. I don’t see the need to repeat it all here but I was asked to share some hints with you about the invisible zippers that I have been putting into my pillows lately. The obvious challenge is sewing as close to the zipper as possible (without catching your finger!). I think that the two things that help most are ironing the zipper teeth flat and using the proper presser foot and needle position.

Here is your basic invisible zipper. Do you see how the teeth curl over to the back of the zipper? Before pinning your zipper to your pillow, you need to open out the zipper and iron it flat.

I am attempting to show that here. I used a medium heat setting on my iron with no problems. If you use a high heat, you will likely melt your zipper.

If you look in this picture, the bottom part of the zipper has been ironed flat and the top has not. Can you see the difference?

After you pin your ironed zipper to your project, it is time to put change your presser foot to the zipper foot. Place your project under the presser foot and adjust the side to side position of your needle so that it will come as close to the ironed out zipper teeth as possible. After you stitch both sides of the zipper, give it a test run and make sure it zips closed. If you are prone to overachieving, you might find that your zipper does not close because you stitched too close and the thread is caught on the zipper teeth. You’ll need to rip out those overzealous stitches and try again.
I apologize for the icky photos today. It’s rainy and dark out. I hope this helps!