After the Rain Garden Post

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Well, I was only able to take two new pictures of the garden this week before the rain began. This white tea rose opened; the first bloom on this plant for the season!

This picture shows that the globe thistle will be blooming soon. And then it rained, quite hard at times, for four days straight! Yesterday my husband took the camera and went out into the yard and took some close up pictures of flowers after the rain. I do have those to show you.

This is the head of a Walking Onion. Last week, I was corrected. This plant is edible! My neighbor, who gave me the plant, told me it was not. That’s the last time I listen to him!

This honey bee is busy on the last bit of lupine.

The daylilies are just beginning to bloom which has me all excited! I have a collection of somewhat unusual daylilies which I can show you over the next month or so. This daylily was planted by the former owners beside the barn. I don’t know it’s name.

This is a view of a tree beside our barn. We think it is an elderberry. Scratch that, we were first told it was elderberry but now think it is a mulberry. Then I read that mulberry is invasive so maybe we should cut it down. Can anyone confirm?

Here are the pretty berries on the honeysuckle.
This is a donkeytail sedum reaching over the rock wall.
And here is the top of the allium that I showed you in full bloom a couple of weeks ago. It still looks facinating even as it fades.
And here is one of our three resident rodent chasers that help my garden thrive! Meet our barn cat Licorice.

I keep forgetting to mention that this is the first year that I have seen hummingbirds in the yard on a daily basis. I have tried to attract them for years with a different hummingbird feeder and with my plantings. Last year, I received this feeder from my sister in law for my birthday and it seems to have done the trick! I have seen them at the feeder as well as in the garden. My daughter told me that they were seeing hummingbirds at the preschool feeder quite early in the season when the temps were still on the verge of freezing at night. I was surprised but went ahead and hung the feeder. Maybe my success could be attributed to getting the feeder out earlier in the season? I am not sure but I will put this feeder out early again next year because I am loving it!

Please link up your garden pictures here. Everyone is welcome!