Happy Zip Pouches

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I have temporarily sold out of all of “My Happy Place” screen printed material with the exception of two prints on linen. I will be printing more though! In the meantime, I thought I would use up some of my “scraps.” Sometimes when I print a screen some of it doesn’t come out well enough to sell as a complete piece but there are plenty of salvageable bits for me to use for projects. Today, I am sharing zip pouches in three styles! The zip pouch above uses the top row of houses and incorporates the plain fabric above. I created a gathered bottom to the pouch front using some DS Quilts floral. The lining is a red bottom weight cotton. All of these pouches have fusible fleece adhered to the outer fabric shell for body.

This zip pouch uses the combination I loved when creating a pincushion recently…DS Quilts and Queen Street.

The red and turquoise combination is just striking.

And finally, I have been intending to combine this print with linen for some time now. Here is a little zip pouch with natural linen and some hand embroidery.

The pouch is lined with DS Quilts apple green gingham.
If you are interested in any of these, they are in my shop.