My Amazing New Seam Ripper

Amy Friendetsy, handturned, seam ripper31 Comments

Look what my husband made me! It’s a hand turned seam ripper. Boy do I feel special. It sure takes the sting out of needing to rip a seam let me tell you! It’s a beautiful colored aqua acrylester. This seam ripper is substantially sized. It’s about 4 3/4″ long and 1/2″ wide. It will be much harder to lose than my other tiny plastic one. Plus it’s pretty and made with love so it makes me smile.

While he was at it, he made a few more! There is a red and white swirl, a multicolored swirl and a pink seam ripper too. They have a cap which you pull off, turn over, reinstert, and voila…

you have a seam ripper. The extras are in my shop. It won’t break my heart if they don’t sell because I could use more. I am constantly losing my seam rippers. I have suggested that he devise a seam ripper tracking system and he said he’d get right on it. I wouldn’t put it past him either.