Nearly Sold Out and Piecing Update

Amy Friendetsy, paper piecing, silkscreen8 Comments

I am just popping in for a brief update and then I will resume party preparations as a very special little girl is celebrating her second birthday this weekend. Can you believe it? My baby will be two!!
Thank you all for your amazing support of “My Happy Place” silkscreened material. I am running low on my supply at the moment. I wanted to let you know that all the material that I printed has been listed in my shop. I will print more but I can’t say exactly when I will get to it.

After all, I sold out of both versions of these little goldfish a month ago and have yet to print more. I have the best of intentions but time is scarce!

I’ve been working at piecing my vintage sheets quilt too. I am planning on a 45″ square. I may add borders but I am not sure at this point. I received a gift of a few more pieces of vintage sheets from one of my favorite sewing enablers. See that pretty yellow print and the pink floral in the center of the snowballs on the left? She sent me those and they are so sweet and a wonderful addition, allowing my quilt to be a little bit bigger than it might have been otherwise.
I hope you have been taking pictures this week so that you can join my Garden Tour this Sunday! Check out the links from last week here. Just click on the “Click here” link at the bottom of my post.