On Penguins and Earring Trees

Amy Friendgifts14 Comments

There have been a lot of birthday parties lately and I made gifts for a couple of them. One of my son’s best friends just turned 8 and recently got her ears pierced. Her mom suggested a need for something to hold her earrings. I sketched this design, inspired by Doohickey Designs by Riley Blake. My husband cut the wood and then I painted it. I hear that it was a hit.

I made this raw edge applique penguin pillow for my daughter’s friend who just turned 6. He is very interested in the Arctic and penguins in particular, so much so that he attempted to lead his preschool class on an Arctic expedition right out of the playground this winter. Luckily, the teachers stopped them in time! This pillow provided an opportunity to try my first attempts at pebble quilting. I thought it would add a little texture to the ground. I would like to practice some more because I love the look of pebble quilting but it intimidates me.
Party gifts are always fun.