Plea for Help for Mission in Dominican Republic

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My friend and neighbor is travelling to the Dominican Republic to do volunteer work with the Cercadillo Project. We were speaking about the mission and the type of work she would be doing there. She will be working with children at a Bible camp but she told me that the mission also teaches women to sew and to earn income through the sales of their handsewn items. She mentioned that they are always in need of fabric and that she was unable to find a company to donate fabric prior to her departure. I thought I would send out a plea to you my friends. There isn’t much time because my neighbor leaves on June 24th. However, if you live in the US and could ship supplies to me this week, they should arrive in time. She held a plant sale this weekend to earn money to cover the transportation of donated supplies, so you can be assured that the materials will get there. Can you look through your stash and see if you have anything you could pass on? They could also use thread and sewing notions. Please send me an email message if you are interested so that I can send you my address.
If you are unable to ship quickly enough or live out of the country but would like to help, you can make a designated donation specifically for the women who sew online at the Cercadillo Project.

Edited to add: The women also sell reusable gift bags and use thin elastic and ribbons of varying widths when making those. They sell small items like snap wallets, fabric necklaces, and canvas bags for lugging items while walking. Specific thread colors that they require may be added to this post later today.