Vintage Sheet Quilt Completed!

Amy FriendUncategorized14 Comments

I finished up my vintage sheet quilt top!
Here are the quilt stats:

Dimensions: 45 1/2″
Fabrics: vintage sheet backing, vintage sheets and Kona Peony for piecing, Dream On by Moda for the binding
Pattern: paper pieced block design called Wedge and Circle alternating with a Snowball
Quilting: simple echo quilting, 1/4″ on either side of each major shape

It was fun to make something that challenged my piecing skills. I have never made a quilt top using paper piecing before (I am not counting string blocks here). I also enjoyed making something that is best described as “pretty.”

This project will forever remind me of my grandmother as well. I adored my grandmother and she passed away about three years ago. I have a number of her sewing things, such as her sewing machine table and button bag. I like how the button bag retains the smell that I most closely associate with her and her home. I always feel sad realizing that the smell will diminish over time and will eventually be lost. However, each and every time my iron hit these vintage sheets, I smelled the smell. I called my mom and we came to the conclusion that the scent I associate with my grandmother is that of a cotton/poly blend. It all makes perfect sense. She was very practical and the blends wrinkled less. She made almost all of her own clothes and would never buy 100% cotton. The good news for me is that all I need to do is iron a little piece of cotton/poly blend fabric to bring back memories!

I couldn’t help but think that my grandmother would think that I was very silly for spending time on this quilt, made out of someone’s old sheets. Couldn’t I have bought new fabric? I was entertained by imaginary conversations between my grandmother and me as I pieced.