Wedge and Circle/Snowball Quilt with Vintage Sheets

Amy Friendpaper piecing, vintage sheets15 Comments

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Yesterday I mentioned that I bought some Kona Peony. This is how I am using it! A super generous woman named Lisa was destashing her vintage sheets and gave them to me. I think that there are just enough pieces of sheets to make a small quilt. I settled on a design alternating “Wedge and Circle” blocks and “Snowball” blocks. The “Wedge and Circle” blocks are paper pieced. I have not done a lot of paper piecing so this is a great learning experience. With each new project, I like to try to incorporate a new skill or method in order to stretch myself a bit. I have to say that getting all these seams to line up just so has involved a bit of seam ripping. But I am happy with the results and ready to persever!

I’ve completed nine blocks. Since I am not sure how far my vintage sheet supply will take me, I am aiming for a total of 16 blocks next, keeping it square, and I will go from there. The finished blocks are 9.” If the quilt isn’t big enough when my sheet supply or patience runs out, I can always add borders. I am pleased with the soft pink color of Kona. I ordered it online which is always a bit of a trick. The color looked good on my monitor but so did a couple of others. Then I allowed the color names to guide me. I bet I am not alone in this. Haven’t you often chosen a paint color for the name or at least decided between two paint colors due to a more pleasing name? I liked the name “Peony.” They happen to be blooming in my yard now and it’s a flower name and they are flowery sheets. Thankfully, the name game worked out in my favor and the pink is perfect!