A Beautiful Flower Clutch for Me!

Amy FriendUncategorized9 Comments

Look what I found in my mailbox today! Kristie made me this beautiful clutch. I really liked some of the clutches that I saw on her blog a month or two ago and managed to convince her to do a little swap. I showed you what I sent her but the Canadian postal strike held up her package…until today! Today was a morning spent in a loud and messy house due to the ongoing bathroom renovation, and then an afternoon at my mom’s house so that Penny could nap. It wasn’t the most fun day on record so this little treat was a great surprise.
Kristie shows some more pictures of the clutch on her blog. I just love all the materials she used for this clutch. The colors are perfectly me. And look at those goodies! I love the magnet, gardener’s soap and chocolate. The chocolate is still bar shaped after a long, long trip in summer weather. That’s amazing in and of itself! Thank you very much for this fun swap Kristie! Blogging friends are the best.