Daylily Heaven

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It’s daylily heaven around here. I counted and I have 18 varieties of daylilies in bloom right now! I will share just a few of them today. (That’s June Melody above.)

Becky Sharp

Addie Branch Smith

Green Flutter

Wine Delight

I can’t remember the name on this one. I will check and edit this in the morning.

Garden Phlox are just beginning to bloom. One of my favorite linocuts of all time was inspired by this flower.

This is my “Garden Phlox” handprinted linocut on fabric.

Here is a fun close up of the globe thistle.

This is a bluish dianthus from my aunt. It’s quite the unique color. I have a problem with this plant though where it always flops in the middle. I can’t figure out why. It doesn’t seem to be a water issue. Sometimes our cats will sit in plants and that could be it though I have never seen them in this plant. Does anyone have this trouble with dianthus?

This is my favorite of all the ornamental grasses that I have met so far. It’s called Karley Rose. It’s pretty right into the fall.

I love this mix of colors here; fucshia, dark wine and golden yellow.

On the obelisk, I am growing a neat bean with purple pods. I will save the seeds and plant them next year because it’s the most successful climbing vine I have had yet in this spot.

I hope you will link up this week and share your garden pictures!