Duck Soup Complete

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My little 35″ square baby tumbler quilt is complete. I am calling it Duck Soup after the children’s book by that same name, and of course the fat quarter bundle of Red Letter Day with all its adorable duck prints that inspired this quilt. I started with those fabrics and then added a little of this, a little of that, till I eeked out the 180 tumblers needed to get to baby quilt size.

I used my Go!Baby with the tumbler die to cut the fabrics for this quilt. I have to say that I was a little frustrated because a number of them didn’t cut all the way through. Accuquilt suggested that perhaps I needed a new cutting mat but I had only used it to cut enough pieces for my Drunkard’s Path pillow so that didn’t seem right. I did find that it cut its best with about 4 layers of fabric. Fewer actually didn’t cut as well. Even though I needed to snip many pieces after they were cut, the Go!Baby we still a major time saver. Also, the little notches on the edges of the tumblers made them very easy to match up. All my tumbler seams lined up with little effort.

I arranged the tumblers 15 wide and 12 long. I then layered my quilt top and batting with right sides together to the backing and stitched around the perimeter, leaving an opening to turn. Then I quilted with straight lines 1/4″ from each seam. It was easy to do with a small quilt but would have been unpleasant on a larger scale!

What’s my favorite thing about this quilt? Why this series of pictures…I asked my son to help me by holding the quilt but then his sisters wanted in on it too:

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