For Krista

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Krista, this one’s for you!

Krista and I arranged for a private swap. We’ve been talking about it for a year now. At that time, I set aside this pink and grey quilting process silkscreen panel. She requested a mini quilt made with these colors for my end of the deal. Soon after, I set aside the fabric I had left over from binding my yellow and grey Lady of the Lake quilt because she strongly hinted at how perfect that binding would look on a certain pink and grey mini.

I asked Krista to tell me her favorite quilt block but she couldn’t settle on one, so I took a different route. I made 3 blocks finishing at 3″ square each. The first is a Canadian maple leaf since Krista lives in Vancouver.

Then I fussy cut the word “Poppy” from some seed packet fabric I have since Krista’s blog is named “Poppyprint.”

The next block is called Massachusetts, after my home state. I have to say that it was very fiddly to make this small!

The final block is the friendship block.

I am so grateful for the many friendships that I have gained thanks to blogging. While I haven’t met you (yet) Krista, I consider you a great friend and I hope you will enjoy seeing this little quilt in your sewing room. It’ll be on its way this afternoon. The ball is in your court…I am looking forward to my thread catcher!

I just wanted to mention that I only have two quilting process mini quilt kits left in my shop. I am not printing any more at this time but may again in the future. I am also considering revising the design a bit.