Hoop Up Your Vintage Collection!

Amy Friendetsy, handprinted fabric, hoops, silkscreen5 Comments

First off, the disclaimer, this was not my idea! It was Linda’s idea. She is a great supporter of my print making ventures and has purchased my Vintage Collection in each of the three colors. She mentioned that she was thinking of hanging them in hoops in her kitchen. What a marvelous idea! I thought it would be a great idea to share with you. It’s another idea for those who are hesitant to cut into the handprinted material. It’s not too stressful because you can get it all in the hoop and just the way you want it before trimming, minimizing the chances of making a mistake.

When I made mine, I backed the print with a layer of 100% cotton white and warm batting and a layer of Essex cotton/linen blend for a bit of body. It makes them feel more substantial. I also painted the wooden hoops to match the prints.
If you don’t want to make your own but would like to hang them in your kitchen, I put one set in the shop. I will not be putting more in the shop in different color combinations. I just made this set up for inspiration!

I also wanted to mention that from time to time I will be adding “seconds” to my shop. They will be mainly tea towels with slight flaws, not noticeable to most but enough to bother me. Check my listings and you will see “SECOND” in the title. They are really a bargain. You get a three dollar discount for a pinhead sized touch of ink along the hemline, for example. One second just sold but there is one more in the shop at the moment. Bargain hunters, keep checking!