It’s Seam Ripper Day

Amy Friendetsy, handturned, seam ripper28 Comments

Yes! It’s the much anticipated seam ripper day here at During Quiet Time. It appears that my husband’s seam rippers are in high demand!
He has made 11 more. There would have been an even dozen but the purple crush seam ripper cracked. These have been listed in my shop.

I have been asked how Mark turns the seam rippers. He purchases rectangular shaped acrylic blanks. They are very blah looking and the beautiful patterns and designs do not start to appear until he begins turning them. He uses his 1980s Craftsman lathe and a scary sharp blade to shape the blanks into a seam ripper handle shape.

Then he sands and polishes them, resulting in the beautiful shiny finish. The metal hardware is then inserted. Ta da, you have a most attractive seam ripper that will add a little joy to your seam ripping frustrations.

edited to add: I was asked to post a picture of what a closed seam ripper looks like. Here you go!