More "Vintage Collection"

Amy Friendetsy, handprinted fabric, screenprinting, silkscreen11 Comments

I just had to take a picture of my “Vintage Collection” screen prints in all three colorways together. Don’t they look happy? I will do a group shot with the natural linen versions once I have them all printed.

I’ve had lots of requests for yellow printed on white. Be forewarned, depending on the lighting, the print can either be clear as day, or the fine lines can sort of disappear. The yellow ink simply is not high contrast. But, it does have a soft appealing feel to it too.

I was also asked why I wasn’t planning to print the orange on natural linen. I hadn’t thought it would show up all that well but gave it a go. I’m happy to say that it does show up just fine! I printed some tea towels and will print some fabric in time (remember, I am a one mother shop with three kids in the summer printing in her sunroom during a bathroom renovation!).

And finally, I have begun to print blue again!

I will update my offerings as I continue to print so just keep checking my shop.