Painting in the Garden

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The most exciting thing happened on Tuesday and I have been waiting all week to share it with you! A local artist asked if she and her art association could come paint our gardens and barn. I was so honored and thrilled! Not only do I love gardening but I love art. As a former curator, a studio and art history major, this was a dream morning for me. I took this picture from the attic window.

This artist first painted the garden and then moved on to a second painting of the barn. She included an amazing level of detail.

Heather Karp, painted this beautiful little gem of a painting depicting our garden and barn. And amazingly, she gave it to me! I couldn’t believe it. I will treasure it always. She said it would take two weeks to dry. Once it has dried, we will frame it and hang it in our home to admire and enjoy, especially in the snow covered winter!

This was her perspective while painting. It was such a wonderful feeling to see the artists enjoying the yard and painting such beautiful paintings. You had better believe that I invited them back. I hope that they will take me up on it!

In other gardening related news, the kids and I decided to raise some Painted Lady butterflies this year and they emerged from their chrysalises on Monday.

A couple of hours after we released them, my son was playing with his remote control truck, giving some plastic animals a trip around the yard, when one of the butterflies landed in the truck! It stayed there for quite awhile (he stopped driving it). Doesn’t it fit right in with the plastic figures? This picture makes me laugh.

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