Stepping Out A Little Bit Late

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Our garden tour is beginning a bit late today. There were some technical difficulties this morning. My “IT Department” has temporarily gotten things working again but strongly suggested the deletion of many, many photographs from the hard drive. I will get started on that but first things first! How is your garden doing this week? I feel like mine is lacking color at the moment but is on the brink. There are big buds on the daisies and day lilies. It’s just a matter of time. Here is a little close up of my bee balm. I planted the red that tends to grow a bit out of control, on the edge of the yard, primarily for the hummingbirds.

A few of my day lilies are blooming now: Pixie Parasols, Golden Chimes and June Melody. That’s June Melody above, my favorite of the current bunch.

I just liked this picture of the lavender. The lavender plants are full of honey bees at the moment.

I bought this pink flower last year. It’s called Betony Stachys ‘Pink Cotton Candy.’ It’s a bit unusual and I like it!

This black eyed susan is blooming in my kitchen cutting garden, the same garden that was backed over this week by a truck delivering a dumpster for our bathroom demolition. The sage is crushed (and me too).

This is the last of my three tea roses to bloom, and my favorite. I like how their blooms are staggered. It means that one of them is nearly always flowering.

Last year we moved our hydrangea because it was getting a bit too much late afternoon sun. It seems much happier in its new location and is flowering well!

Here’s a view from the attic window. I know that the paths need some serious weeding but I really dislike that task and always save it for last! The front left bed is still recovering from the mole damage from the winter before last. Things are starting to fill in though.

Please, join in and share picture of your gardens!