Vintage Collection Tea Kettle Paper Pieced Quilt Block

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I have created a paper pieced quilt block pattern for my “Vintage Collection Tea Kettle” design. I used it on Thursday for this table runner.

The pattern is now available in my shop. I will be adding kits that include two pieces of precut “Vintage Collection” screen printed fabric and the paper pieced quilt block pattern. I know it is hard to cut into hand printed fabric so I will take that responsibility off your hands (I am getting used to it though I still cringe a little!) You will just need to add your own fabric coordinates.

If you make this quilt block, you just must make some steamy quilting! It just makes it in my opinion.

I wanted to write a tutorial to explain how I make my steam but basically, an image says it all. You drop your feed dogs, set your stitch length to zero, take a couple of stitches to secure your thread and then go for it. I made some steam with white thread on grey so that you could see the pattern more clearly. Note that I swirl in one direction and then turn to the next so that the steam branches out a bit? It’s lots of fun. Give it a try!

My fabulous testers made this block and this block too. Both claim that no seam ripping was involved so I think that is a very good sign!

I am thrilled to pieces to announce that there is a little “Vintage Collection” giveaway on one of my favorite blogs starting Monday. Click here first thing in the morning!