A Challenge

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Lauree invited me to join my first ever quilting bee, Cocorico {a patchwork bee}. This bee is a copy cat bee for those of us who love to oooh and aaah over the Ringo Pie bee blocks. I have a hard time saying no to challenges because I really love them but yikes, this bee is going to stress me out. I am very new at paper piecing. I have made 4 blocks from paper pieced patterns and designed one of my own till now.

Lauree loves to cook and loves all things kitcheny. She asked us to make blocks with no size restrictions reflecting some of her favorites as shown in her inspirational mosaic. I asked Lauree if there was something she hoped to see in a block that no one was making yet and one of the ideas she suggested was a Dutch Oven. This is my attempt at a Dutch Oven, made in Lauree’s favorite colors (orange and aqua). I placed the Dutch Oven on some wood grain material for the counter or shelf. I noticed some hanging mugs in one of her inspirational pictures so I drafted a simple mug pattern and made one in Kona Mustard and the other in Kona Aqua.

My block seems very simplistic compared to the others so far which has me a little bit worried. I think that I will improve with practice both in designing these blocks and in their execution!

(Oh, and the shelf doesn’t sag in the middle, that just happened when I hung the block to photograph it!)