Bathroom Renovation Complete!

Amy Friendhome renovation23 Comments

If you have been following our home renovation project from the summer, you will know that we are renovating our upstairs bathroom. It was very much Brady Bunch style. I am happy to report that it is no longer! The sink, shower and toilet are all now in and fully functional.

We no longer have to go to my Mom’s house to give the girls’ their baths.

I mentioned in my last update that the white vanity that we ordered ended up being very not white in my opinion. It was a yellowish ivory color. It was clear that we were going to have to paint it and since that was a given, I decided to opt for a light grey to match the lines in the marble top.

The single most exciting thing about the bathroom according to my husband and children is this…we have a bubbler. Oh, the glee. I haven’t used it yet and probably never will but I am so glad that I will no longer have to yell at the kids for hanging on the side of the sink trying to drink from the faucet after brushing their teeth.

There are just a few finishing touches left. I have to sew the shower curtain and the curtain for the window. And I spray painted a wire rack that used to hang in our kitchen and will be hanging it above the toilet.

For those who are sad to see this project come to a close, don’t you worry. We need to turn the old downstairs bathroom (ahem, closet really) into a laundry closet now so that the washer and dryer are no longer in the kitchen. We will jump into that project in the New Year.