Bathroom Renovation Update

Amy Friendhome renovation8 Comments

Just popping in with a quick bathroom renovation update. Over the weekend, we painted the ceiling, the trim and the walls. The trim is just Benjamin Moore pure white and the walls are Old World Romance. I swear that the room lights up. Every time I passed the bathroom for the past day or two, I have stopped because I thought that someone left the lights on. Of course, that is impossible because the light hasn’t been installed yet! But the room was so dark before that it is unusual to see brightness! Last night, my husband finished grouting the tiles around the tub. Tonight we are carrying in the vanity that was in the barn being painted.

We have some scraping of paint to do on the glass panes of the window and have to remove the painter’s tape on the side of the beam. The plumber returns on Thursday to hook everything up. I will post more pictures then.