Genius Redo of the Double Necktie

Amy Friendquilting, sampler14 Comments

Early on in my Sampler Quilt process, I made this Double Necktie Block and I wasn’t quite happy with it. It looked blah compared to the fussy cut blocks. Recently, I decided that my quilt would have fussy cuts in each block but that some would be offset, not in the center. My dear friend Liz emailed me before she headed off to work this morning to suggest that I rework that block and use my Viewfinder fussy cuts for the square blocks that make up the bow. Genius I say!

So, I did and am very pleased. It’s now one of my favorite blocks.

Here are 12 blocks. I am still playing with the layout and considering sashing. I think that my plan is Kona Bone for sashing with scrappy cornerstones.

I haven’t mentioned it yet but this quilt is for my husband. It will be his own very special movie watching quilt. I will not comment whenever he reaches for it, even if he came from the barn and is covered with sawdust or just came home from running. It is his and all his to dirty as he will. I will repeat this over and over to myself and try to stand by it!