Hexiecase Pattern Release!

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Back to school time is coming! I hear it has arrived in the southern parts of our country. As I begin to think about my children’s school supplies, I get all excited myself as I used to love selecting pencils and erasers, new notebooks and folders. I can’t stand the teeny tiny plastic zippered pencil cases from the store though. First of all, kids have to fight to get full length new pencils into them! At that, they are shoved in there on a diagonal. I set out to design a roomy pencil bag and to challenge myself, I wanted to make it hexagonal. I introduce, the Hexiecase!

This six sided zippered bag with hexagonal ends measures 9 1/2″ long and 4 1/2″ wide. It can hold loads of pencils and your child’s Japanese eraser collection (do yours have those too?). But it is easily adapted to other uses too. A pair of full sized sewing shears can fit in there with no problem along with oodles of English Paper Pieced hexies. Wouldn’t it be fun to carry around your hexie hand sewing project in a Hexiecase?

The pattern is available in my shop!