"My Happy Place" Pillow Cover with Mini Tutorial

Amy Friendpillow cover, screenprinting, silkscreen9 Comments

I made this pillow cover as a thank you for the artist who gifted us such a nice oil study of our garden and barn. She said that her house was decorated in beige, red and green. Truth be told, that set me back a minute until I realized that “My Happy Place” screen print was printed with red ink. That’s what set me to printing my silkscreen design onto the tan linen suiting over the weekend. I only needed one piece so the rest is in the shop.

In case you’d like to make one of these 16″ pillow covers, here is a quick mini tutorial for the pillow front.
You will need:

one piece of “My Happy Place” on the tan linen suiting, cut into an 8 1/2″ square
six 5″ squares of Kona khaki (a great match for the linen!)
three 5″ squares of one red fabric (I used Annie’s Farm Stand Seed Catalog in Red)
three 5″ squares of another red fabric (I used With Love by Sharon Evans Yenter)

Using your squares, make 6 HST units using one khaki square and one red. Trim to 4 1/2″ squares. Arrange as pictured and sew together with 1/4″ seams.

I just love the new Annie’s Farm Stand Seed Catalog print. I had a hard time cutting into it but wanted to share it with the artist since she is a gardener as well.

I love the print so much that I bought the yellow version and coordinating dot for the bathroom that we are renovating. We put the tile down Saturday afternoon. My husband is grouting tonight. I haven’t made a shower curtain before but it seems straightforward. If you have any hints to share with me, please do! The coordinating dot is to add a little interest to the curtain which I will make with the same print. I am hoping that we over estimated the yardage needed so that I have some substantial scraps!