Sampler Progress and Aurifil Winners

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Meet #477, Prairie Flower found on page 42 of 5,500 Quilt Block Designs. As I mentioned in my last post, I am in the beginning stages of a sampler quilt based on some of the many quilt blocks that I would like to try from this book. Many people have expressed interest in the book after my last post so I want to mention that the book is a series of illustrations of quilt blocks in grid format. There are no directions for block construction. It involves a little thought but figuring out different ways to construct the blocks is also fun problem solving! It keeps things interesting.

For this block, I used some flying geese units, squares, rectangles, and I did some foundation piecing as well. The materials used here are: Cream Lines from Word Play, Ruby Star Rising Viewfinder in Blue, Linen Texture in Aqua, Scarlett Cross Weave and Basket Weave in Sky from Dazzle.

I made a fourth block called Mrs. Fay’s Favorite Friendship Block, #417 on page 38. I think this block might be my favorite of the four that I have made so far. I just love the fabric choices with the block design. For this block, I used the same Cream Lines from Word Play, and Ruby Star Rising Viewfinder in Blue. I added Kona Mustard and

I find that my creative process works best when I plan as I go. I start with an overarching idea. In this case, I wanted to try some new to me blocks in the form of a sampler quilt. My colors are inspired by the Ruby Star Rising Viewfinder print. And I wanted to see if I could use the Cream Lines by Word Play as my background/neutral. I started with two blocks that featured the Ruby Star Rising Viewfinder as a fussy cut center. I didn’t plan to do that with all the blocks. I thought that I might do that with about half and the others would be something like this Double Necktie from page 43, #484.

I have been wanting to make a bowtie quilt for awhile so that’s why I picked this block. But I just feel iffy about it. I am really drawn to the blocks with the fussy cut centers. I like how they almost look like a flower in thumbnail views but more architectural when you see the full view. I am wondering, could making all the blocks with a fussy cut center add a bit of cohesiveness to the sampler quilt? Should I stick with the original plan and have only about half fussy cut centers blocks and my fabric choices will make the quilt cohesive? Thoughts?

And now for the lucky winners of the Aurifil thread. I will be emailing you. Here goes:

11 Stephanie said…

I’ve seen this out in blogland recently and I’m super eager to try it out. What a nice giveaway!

93 Bellgirl said…

I’ve heard lots about Aurifil thread, I’d love to test the difference! I haven’t been that happy with Gutermann lately, I’m finding the thread breaks a lot

103 Deb said…

Yes, I would love to be part of your give away! I must admit, a bit embarassedly, when I initially ready the title of your post, I thought it said “Awful Thread Give Away” and I thought “What?!!” Then I re-read the title and went “duh”!!

112 Elena said…

Wow it looks great! Is it open to international readers? If so count me in please, I would like to try those thread for my next project 🙂

Thanks for this chance to win

30 gatheredthreads said…

Thank you for the opportunity!