Two More Sampler Blocks

Amy Friendquilting, sampler8 Comments

I decided that it was time to lay out my blocks and decide what I needed from the last three blocks. I wanted one more block where the fussy cut was off center. I also wanted one more block using the navy, one more using the Heath, and one more with the yellow dot that I added yesterday.

I started with this block, #342 Broken Windows found on page 33 of 5,500 Quilt Block Designs.

In this block, I incorporated all three mustard prints used elsewhere on the quilt.

Then I decided on #560 Chicago Geese, illustrated on page 48, for my last block with an off center fussy cut. I replaced one of the geese with my fussy cut square, then I followed the block design but rotated it 180 degrees.

As it turns out, I couldn’t help myself from introducing one more fabric. I added the Anna Maria Horner print. I had been trying to find a use for it all along and this block seemed just right. I wanted a sort of gradation in blue. It gave me a chance to use the navy again and the other blue prints already used in the quilt.

My last block will be sure to use the Heath print. Beyond that, I don’t know yet!