Cocorico Bee: Annabel’s Orchard

Amy Friendcocorico bee, paper piecing27 Comments

This month, Annabel asked us to make orchard inspired blocks measuring 12″ x 16″ so she could make them into placemats for her large family dinners. My mind works likes this…orchard to apples to apple pie. So there you go. I sketched an apple pie, an apple, a bowl with a pastry blender in it, and a rolling pin. Then the drawing sat for 3 weeks because I was intimidated by the pie in particular.

I wanted a jagged edge for the crust. I pondered it for some time and decided to traditionally piece 1/4″ finished HST. That took me an evening. And then I waited two more weeks! I finally just tackled the rest in the last couple of days and I am so pleased with the end result.

I used traditional paper piecing methods with the exception of some very tame sketching with black thread for the pastry blender.
One of my favorite features is the boxed word “Family” in the pie. It’s perfect for Annabel’s idea of family dinners. And I am also pleased with the way I was able to line up the little row of white dots on the pastry blender handle. Oh, and I like the slightly darker red leaf shape on the apple fabric.
Heaven forbid anyone spill anything on this placemat as it took forever to make! It’s a good thing that it will live far away in Australia where I won’t have to see!