Covered Button Shadowbox

Amy Friendbuttons, etsy, linocuts10 Comments

Awhile back, I printed a bunch of linoleum block designs on Essex and linen and made sets of covered buttons. I just put what remains of my buttons in my Etsy shop, should you be interested. I really love playing with these buttons and arranging them in groups and dreaming of projects for them. I particularly fell in love with the Scalloped Spectrum buttons and the photos that I took of them. I used the image for my blog header and for my shop business cards too.

I have been wanting to display them in a shadowbox for quite awhile now. I have been on the lookout for a small shadowbox frame and finally found one, although it was white. A quick coat of black spray paint took care of that. I marked the frame backer board and drilled little holes through it in order to attach each button. Then I layered two pieces of batting on the backer board, topped it with Kona Black, and glued the material to the back. Then I sewed the buttons to the backer board.

I’m happy to have my buttons on display in my sewing/printing space…sometimes it’s just the little things 🙂