Easiest "No Pattern Needed" Skirt Ever

Amy Friendchildren's clothing9 Comments

Want to thrill your daughter? I whipped up this skirt in about a half hour and my five year old daughter loves it.

For the skirt, I simply took one width of fabric and seamed it. Then I made a casing for a 3/4″ elastic at the top and I stitched a 1″ wide hem at the bottom. Obviously, it’s the pocket that steals the show. I borrowed the pocket from Jennifer Paganelli’s book, Girl’s World. It’s found on page 84, used on the Annabel Apron with Frilly Pocket project. I made the pocket even easier by threading ribbon through the casing instead of a tiny turned pocket tie made of fabric as the pattern suggests.

Here she is before school this morning, momentarily distracted from her modelling to announce that she sees a butterfly.