From my House to Yours

Amy Frienddoll house, potholder pass swap22 Comments

We are on round 9 of the Potholder Pass, my Flick swap that took off beyond my expectations. This round we are swapping “From my House to Yours” themed potholder sets and/or a set of four quilted coasters. I just signed up for the potholder swap. I had so much fun sewing for my partner.

I am not sure if my partner shares my love of miniatures and dollhouses but I think that if she does not, she is the type who would appreciate them at very least. So, I made one potholder a view inside the house, sort of dollhouse style. The furniture is just silhouetted in black except in the attic where it is dark and the boxes are bright. That’s what you call artistic license. And the proportions aren’t quite accurate. There was no attempt made to make them so. I am calling that whimsical! The curtains in the windows were free pieced to make them look a little more natural. The roof is one of my favorite fabrics! The chimneys are red and white chevron twill hangers. I really had a great time making these and am anxious to pop them in the mail so that my partner can receive them!