He’s Been Busy!

Amy Friendetsy, seam ripper16 Comments

My husband has been busy in the barn turning more seam rippers on his old Craftsman lathe! We chose some new colors this time around. Aren’t the fun? From left to right we have Purple Crush, Zebra Stripes, Ruby Silk, Aquarius, Aqua with Black Swirl, and Pomegranate Martini.

This is what the seam rippers look liked closed.

And then, tada, when open! I have been using my seam ripper for months now and have to say that it works really well. It’s nice and sharp and I don’t lose it as often since it is bigger and colorful. My husband is so pleased with the positive feedback that you have all given him. He loves to feel that his seam rippers are in such hot demand by my sewing pals. Thank you!
These seam rippers have been listed in my shop.