Introducing "Defining Kokeshi"

Amy Friendetsy, handprinted fabric, kokeshi dolls, silkscreen20 Comments

I’ve been very busy designing and printing my new silkscreen design! I’d like to introduce “Defining Kokeshi.” It features five hand drawn Kokeshi doll designs and a background with repeating text. The text is a simple definition of Kokeshi that I drafted.

“Defining Kokeshi” will be printed in black for a high contrast great texty looking piece!

I am also printing in fuchsia ink; the perfectly feminine choice.

The final colorway is sherbet. It is a slightly pearlescent soft orange.

This makes for a lower contrast, softer looking print.

And there you have it! All three happy little prints together….

I hope you like them! They will be available in my shop very soon along with a pattern for a project idea.
My prints are all derived from my own original hand drawn designs. I prepare a silk screen with emulsion layers and use a photo emulsion process to burn the image onto my screen. Each print is individually pulled and later heat set. This work is done by me, in my home. The fabric is an essex blend.