A Pillow for Caroline

Amy Frienddresden plate, pillow cover16 Comments

My friend has a daughter about the same age as my Penelope. She will be turning 3 next week. I emailed my friend last week and asked if there was anything she would like Caroline to get for her birthday. Apparently she was chomping at the bit because within seconds she emailed me a link to the duvet cover she had just ordered for Caroline’s big girl bed and requested a pillow. 15 minutes later we met in the library parking lot before story time and she handed me the baby quilt I made for Caroline that she plans on putting at the foot of the bed and a spare pillow form that she happened to have on hand! I love this kind of crafting enthusiasm.
My friend and I enjoy crafting for eachother’s girls when gift giving occasions arise and it is no secret that we are the ones who enjoy it more than the little girls. We are taking full advantage of the moment because we know that by next year they will have fully formed opinions and gift requests of their own!
I was inspired to make this pillow by a hoop from my hanging hoop wall pocket swap and a pillow cover I saw about a year ago.

This should satisfy mommy because it matches the duvet cover and coordinates with the baby quilt. But Caroline should have fun tucking her favorite stuffed animals into the pocket of the Dresden Plate flower.

*My daughter Lily offered up her bed and stuffed animal for this photoshoot but would like to make it clear that her bear is NOT part of the present 🙂