Get Set, Go!

Amy Friendseam ripper15 Comments

My husband made another batch of hand turned acrylic handled seam rippers. But man, you people are seam ripper vultures! There were seven but as I type, there are four seam rippers left, the lovely pinks, stained glass and purple silk. He is planning on making another batch in a few weeks but this is all for now.

I was asked what the blanks look like before Mark works his magic. Here are some blanks that he already precut to the correct length, drilled a hole down the center and inserted a metal tube. But basically, this is the “before.”

Here is the “before” blank on the lathe.
Here he has started rounding it.
Then he shapes it.

Then he polishes it. After that, the handle comes off the lathe and he inserts the seam ripper hardware.
If you’d like a seam ripper, get set, go! They sell very quickly!