Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween! This post is brought to you courtesy of our portable generator. We were hit with a very early snow storm on Saturday night and have been without power since. Schools are closed today so I decided to get the kids dressed up and bring them to see their grandparents and the town librarian while we had time during the day. Here we have Penelope, my two year old, dressed as a most adorable little lion! I made this costume for my oldest child 7 years ago. I love that all three of them have worn it.

Here is Lily, a newly turned 6 year old, as Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She loves her dress so it was worth all the frustrating slipping and sliding and fraying involved in its creation.

And here is Timothy, 8 years old, as Harry Potter. Watch out, I think he is casting some sort of curse on you! My only contributions to his costume this year are the tie and the Gryffindor patch.

Did you notice the wand? Here is a close up. It was hand turned by Daddy. The only flaw is that Timothy happens to know all the details of Harry’s wand, such as the dimensions. When Mark was done making the wand, Timothy asked how long it was. The answer was 13″. Timothy then informed him that Harry’s wand was only 11″. Mark told him that meant that this wand was more powerful. Ha! That answer seems to had satisfied.

Here Harry is casting some sort of spell on his sisters. I wish he could make the snow disappear and the power return!
Happy Halloween!