Total Autumnal Cuteness; An Acorn Cap Tutorial

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Spurred on by my children’s complaints that we did not have enough fall decorations for the house, and my love of acorns, I came up with this fall garland. Acorns are irresistible aren’t they? They are just plain cute. The only thing perhaps cuter, are little fabric stuffed acorn caps.

I sincerely doubt that this is an original thought. But here is what I did. I begged family to be on the lookout for acorn caps. When I had a small pile, I cut circles about 2″ in diameter and took a running stitch around the perimeter.

Then I wadded up a ball of fiberfill in my hand and put it in the center of the circle and pulled the thread tight while shoving the fiberfill into the ball. Then I took many stitches back and forth to hold the shape.

Then I filled the acorn cap with hot glue and pushed the messy side of the fabric ball into the cap.

Repeat this many times over so you can create a bowl full. I then asked my husband to drill tiny holes through the caps while I ran to the store for cough medicine for our daughter (winter colds are here full force).

I strung the acorns on embroidery floss, knotting each in place with a square knot. For the center most acorns in the garland, I also attached a felt oak leaf.

I was lucky enough to have two sets of double acorn caps. I found a very green vine from the yard and cut a length of it. I then wound it into a small wreath and hot glued a felt oak leaf and a double acorn to it for a napkin ring. Repeat and you have a place setting for two!

I thought that the acorns were sweet but when my six year old got home from school and noticed the garland, she gasped and said “Mommy! This is beautiful!” It’s times like this when her dramatic flair is so welcome.

Edited to add: The winner of the Winter Woolies paper pieced pattern by verykerryberry is number 29:

Jenny said…
that is such a cute table runner! I can definitely picture it on my table this Christmas! And I’d love to try my hand at paper piecing as well!

Congratulations Jenny!