BasicGrey Booth at Quilt Market

Amy FriendBasic Grey, quilt market14 Comments

I am so grateful to Laurie, the President of our Boston Modern Quilt Guild, for taking these pictures for me at the BasicGrey booth at Quilt Market. I made the sampler canvas with poofy flowers inside the wooden box.

Here it is again…I drew helpful circles and arrows lest your eyes travel to other projects, ha, ha, ha. The pincushion and thread catcher to the left of the canvas was a sample that I put together to showcase some of BasicGrey’s vintage canvas patches. The design idea for the thread catcher was used with the gracious permission of Krista of Poppyprint.

Here are a couple views of the thread catcher taken before it left for market. I don’t know how Krista gets good pictures of her thread catchers. They are not easy to photograph at all!

And finally, I made the sampler canvas that is hung horizontally. It looks a bit sideways to me as I intended for it to be vertical. However, I can clearly remember my art teachers telling me that a good composition looks balanced no matter which way you hold it. So, I am going to take it as a compliment that it looks as good on its side as it does right side up!