Introducing "Winter Wash"

Amy Friendetsy, handprinted fabric, screenprinting, silkscreen, tea towel19 Comments

I am happy to introduce my newest screenprint today! I call this one “Winter Wash.” I am printing it on white 100% linen tea towels in two colorways, Stormy Blue and Winterberry.

Printed in winterberry it looks especially suited for the holidays and even Valentine’s Day with the heart mittens on the line.

Printed in stormy blue, it suits the whole winter through!

“Winter Wash” is my own hand drawn, original design. I based the figure on a photograph taken earlier this fall of my youngest child reaching to pick an apple in the orchard. In this drawing, she is portrayed a bit older. This little girl is dressed in winter clothes, hanging winter woolens on the line. I added some whimsical touches like her bird friend who sits on the line to keep her company and the ribbons holding the clothesline to the tree trunks.

I make my own screenprints using a photo emulsion process. I print each towel by hand and heat set the ink following the manufacturer’s directions. All of this happens right here in my pet free smoke free home.
“Winter Wash” tea towels are now available in my Etsy shop. Perhaps they will suit someone on your holiday list?