Kokeshi Tooth Fairy Pillows

Amy Friendetsy, kokeshi dolls, pincushions, tooth fairy pillow5 Comments

I’ve been wanting to make these for ages and finally did! Do you know a little girl about age five who will be losing her first tooth soon? Does your little girl leave her tooth for the tooth fairy in a plastic baggie? No more! These unique little pillows are so sweet and will hold her tooth till the fairy comes to replace it with a coin or bill. I have added a few of these to my shop.

I also made a couple more of my popular Kokeshi doll pincushions. They are oversized so you can avoid sticking the cute doll with your pins. Also, I like a pincushion with room for lots of pins! I have added chevron loops to the sides to up the cuteness factor.

If you’d like to make your own pincushion or tooth fairy pillow, you can also find my “Defining Kokeshi” silk screen prints in my shop. From one panel, you can fussy cut three dolls and make three pincushions and/or tooth fairy pillows, reserving the large kokeshi doll for another project. You do need to forfeit the little doll in the center of the panel for this project though. The panels are printed in three colors: fuchsia, black and sherbet.

Don’t forget that I am also selling pillow kits that use this whole panel. You have time to sew one of these for a Christmas gift! And, if not, my two sample pillows are also in my shop.