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Thank you to all of you who participated in my Name that Print game! I have decided to name my new screenprint “Petticoat.” Now, first robinde mentioned a couple of names with Petticoat in them but not alone. Then Leila suggested simply Petticoat. To be fair, I will send both of you some pieces of the fabric. Email me and let me know your addresses and color preferences.
I liked many of the other names. There were a lot of citrus, or at very least fruit related ideas. I thought that many of them were cute names but since I intended the print to be rows of eyelet, I preferred “Petticoat.”
I am printing this design in four colors. From left to right they are Dove, Petal, Mustard and Aqua. A couple of them are hand mixed colors so they will vary from one printing to the next.

I feel like a hamster on a wheel these days with all that is going on. I haven’t had much time for sewing but I did find just enough time to make a simple ornament using Mustard Petticoat. I hand sewed little red glass beads here and there, stitched, turned and stuffed. I think it is sweet in it’s simplicity. I didn’t intend for this to be a seasonal print but due to the fact that Christmas is coming, I started seeing the scallops as roping or garland and then my thoughts turned to Christmas trees.

Thank you to everyone who has been shopping in my Etsy shop for Christmas! I am surprisingly busy packaging these days, compared to my norm. I am getting lots and lots of emails about the seam rippers that my husband is making. They are a hot item! I am even finding myself emailing husbands to arrange for secret sales. I am feeling quite elf like these days. The centermost seam ripper in the image above is still available. The others sold before I got a chance to mention them here.

We have a couple of recent custom orders to fill and then there will be handful of seam rippers left to list in the shop; probably by the beginning of next week. My husband doesn’t think he will be able to do any more than that till after Christmas. At that point, he is willing to take custom orders once again. Between now and then, it will be first come first serve so keep checking the shop.